Resiliency skills education is the foundation

Students with resiliency skills are happier, healthier and more engaged in their social and academic lives. It is becoming more and more important for school counselors to provide social and emotional support to students in addition to academic and career counseling.

Teen Wellness equips on-campus school counselors with ready-to-use and proven education modules to teach resiliency skills to students and develop a healthy and high-performing student body.

Main Program Content

Teen Wellness is written at a reading level that should be easy for most high school students and many middle school students to understand.

You can pick any chapter in any order from our 13-chapter program based on what your students need. Each chapter is comprised of two lesson pages, two exercise pages, and one wrap up page.

Chapter Titles
Chapter 1: Setting Goals
Chapter 2: Lifting Mood
Chapter 3: Avoidance Patterns
Chapter 4: Changing Behaviors
Chapter 5: Coping Skills
Chapter 6: Optimism
Chapter 7: Self-Confidence
Chapter 8: Solving Problems
Chapter 9: Social Support
Chapter 10: Communication
Chapter 11: Managing Conflicts
Chapter 12: New Situation
Chapter 13: Resiliency
Learning Steps in Each Chapter
Video of teens sharing their challenges
Video and reading material that outline life skills
Try It
Exercises that help students try new skills
Build Skills
Exercises to teach further tips
Wrap Up
An inspirational video message from teens

Recommended use case

The best strategy is to enroll all of 8th or 9th grade students and use Teen Wellness as part of classroom curriculums. You may keep Teen Wellness accounts accessible until they graduate from high school, because we won't expire student accounts once they are created.

Easy-to-use features for school counselors

Action Dashboard

Action Dashboard lists all the students whom you enrolled and their progress status.

Initial Assessment

Students go through initial assessment when they are enrolled. You can decide which chapter is more important for them based on the results.

Interactive Chapter Exercise

You can review chapter exercises submitted from students and then provide feedback back to them.

Activity Reporting

You can query activity statistics of students who complete the program to create a report for your administrators.

Teen Wellness was developed by Mevident, Inc., a company that provides wellness services to schools and employers. Mevident is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Our Resilient Team


Ben , Technical Advisor

Dr. Van Voorhees is Chief, Section of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at University of Illinois, Chicago. He received Doctor of Medicine from Vanderbilt University and Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins. He is the principal investigator of Project CATCH-IT (Competent Adulthood Transition with Cognitive-Behavioral and Interpersonal Training) supported by Centers for Disease Control, NARSAD and RWJ Foundations and National Institute of Mental Health.


Monika , Advisor

Monika Marko-Holguin is Research Specialist, Developmental Psychology at University of Illinois Chicago. She received Master in Developmental Psychology at University of Chicago and Bachelor in Psychology & Statistics at DePaul University. She has been managing the study implementation of Project CATCH-IT (Competent Adulthood Transition with Cognitive-Behavioral and Interpersonal Training) at both University of Chicago and University of Illinois Chicago.











For several years we've been using Naviance with our grade 10-12 students, mainly for post-secondary tracking. Teen Wellness has allowed us to merge some social and emotional learning & development tracking with our younger students. By having students work through modules, we can begin seeing their developmental growth and can also get a better awareness of where are students are at as a whole.

-- a school

For one student....she was exposed to different ways to handle the stressors in her life. Given the opportunity to express herself on paper (via through the computer) gave her the opportunity to think through behavior before impulsively acting on emotion.

-- a school


One subscription plan allows you to create 20 new student accounts on Teen Wellness. Each account will be assigned to one unique student. There is no expiration date. When the district/school uses up the subscription plans, student registration function will be disabled until a new subscription plan is purchased.

One subscription plan is $100 ($5 per student) and we offer volume discount. Contact Andrew Kramer at or (561) 790-1070 for quotes. Or send a purchase order to:

Teen Wellness Division, Mevident, Inc.
2268 Westborough Blvd. STE302-145
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Phone: (415) 513-0053
Fax: (425) 821-0773

Evaluation Account

We are happy to create a free evaluation account for you to review Teen Wellness. Your evaluation account contains exactly the same content and functions that school counselors use with a subscription. You may test any function and are even allowed to enroll up to two actual students.

Please contact Andrew Kramer at or (561) 790-1070 to create your evaluation account. Please make sure to include your full name, job title, phone number, email and your school name. Or submit your information through this link.